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Unploughed Ground (podcast)

Oct 21, 2009   //   by Steve Wooding   //   Audio, Podcast  //  1 Comment

A tale of opportunity, potential, focus, action, investment, success and reward…

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A Passionate Obsession

Oct 20, 2009   //   by Steve Wooding   //   A Slice of Lemon  //  No Comments

“When work, commitment, and pleasure all become one and you reach that deep well where passion lives, nothing is impossible.”
[Various attributions]

(1208 words; approx 6-9 minutes to read)

Have you ever been so focused on and driven by something it bordered on, or perhaps tipped into, obsession?

I’d assumed I’d written all I could about desire and focus for the moment, but then I found myself listening to an interview with Ellen Macarthur (now a Dame) – famous for her solo sailing exploits and many sailing-related records, including breaking the women’s world record for circumnavigating the globe solo at the age of 24, and both the men’s and women’s record four years later.

During the interview she talked about how she had become obsessed with sailing after her first time in a boat at the age of four. When she, later on but still a child, decided she wanted her own boat, she even saved the change from her school dinner money in order to buy one, making choices as to what she’d have for lunch based on maximising the change she’d get. Read More »

Article in Liverpool Lifestyle magazine

Sep 21, 2009   //   by Steve Wooding   //   In The Press  //  No Comments

Steve has an article on New Year’s resolutions (yes, perhaps an odd time of year to write about them, so read the article and find out why..!) published in the latest issue of Liverpool Lifestyle magazine. You can read it here:

Thinking vs. Doing

Jul 1, 2009   //   by Steve Wooding   //   Food For Thought  //  No Comments

Just a quick post – I came across this old Italian proverb a few days ago – something to ponder about the need to follow your thinking with doing:

“A hundred wagon-loads of thoughts will not pay a single ounce of debt.”

"It's the Climb"

May 31, 2009   //   by Steve Wooding   //   Food For Thought  //  No Comments

I ran the Edinburgh marathon today – toughest thing I think I’ve ever done so far actually. I didn’t beat my target time of 4 hours and, as I was driving back to Liverpool with aching legs and a sense of disappointment, a song on the radio caught my ear – “The Climb”. Yes, it’s teen-pop, sung by Miley Cyrus, but the words to the chorus struck a neat little chord:

Ain’t about how fast I get there,
Ain’t about what’s waiting on the other side,
It’s the climb.

Unploughed Ground

May 25, 2009   //   by Steve Wooding   //   A Slice of Lemon  //  No Comments

To make the most of ourselves we need to invest in ALL of ourselves.

“Break up your unploughed ground, and do not sow among thorns.”
[Book of Jeremiah, Hebrew Scriptures / Christian Old Testament]

“Every loaf of bread begins with a seed sown and watered.”

[1313 words, estimated reading time 6-10 mins]

I’m going to tell you a story, so if you want, I’ll give you minute or two to get a cuppa or whatever else you might need to help you get comfortable first. Read More »


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