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Communicating with a BANG!

Oct 25, 2012   //   by Steve Wooding   //   Articles, Food For Thought  //  No Comments


I was at a networking morning recently and spoke to quite a few people. As is often the case, Read More »

Viva la Evolution (Part 2) – New Year Evolution..!

Dec 8, 2011   //   by Steve Wooding   //   A Slice of Lemon, Articles  //  No Comments

IN SHORT: Instead of trying to make revolutionary resolutions for the coming year, make evolutionary resolutions – New Year Evolutions..!

(~870 words, approx 5-7 mins to read)Spiral Staircase

Where were we…? Oh yes, EVOLUTION, REVOLUTION…

Oh, before we go any further, I want to introduce you to ‘gloop’..! Read More »

Viva la Evolution..! (Part 1)

Dec 1, 2011   //   by Steve Wooding   //   A Slice of Lemon, Articles  //  No Comments

Spiral StaircaseIN SHORT: When it comes to living, we have only three choices: Evolution, Revolution or Stagnation.

(~760 words, approx 4-6 mins to read)

The world we live in today is not the same world as it was yesterday, and it will have changed again by this time tomorrow too. Read More »

Do It Yourself…!

Aug 21, 2010   //   by Steve Wooding   //   A Slice of Lemon, Articles  //  No Comments

IN SHORT: If at first you don’t succeed, and the second and third attempts fare no better either, GET HELP! Help either in learning how to do it well, or help in actually doing it, or both. Either way, seeking assistance is a sign of bravery, commitment and strength.

(1100 words – approx. 6-10 minutes to read)

It’s a strange phrase when you think about it – “Do it yourself” – an expression of empowerment and self-sufficiency that, with a twist in vocal tone, could easily become a terse and dismissive retort…

Read More »


Apr 26, 2010   //   by Steve Wooding   //   A Slice of Lemon, Articles  //  2 Comments

IN SHORT: Hiding behind every problem and issue we face in life is an opportunity for you to become something more than you were before. You can seek it, find it, take it and find yourself growing, or you can ignore it, miss it, throw it away and instead find your life shrinking…

“A man has no more character than he can command in a crisis.”
[Ralph W. Sockman, 19th/20th century theologian and church leader]

“A crisis is an opportunity riding the dangerous wind.”
[Chinese proverb]

[~825 words: approx 5-8 mins to read]

It’s amazing how much chaos one big cloud of dust can cause, isn’t it!

Read More »

The Wholly Trinity of Success

Feb 8, 2010   //   by Steve Wooding   //   A Slice of Lemon  //  No Comments

IN SHORT: Stubbornly banging your head against a brick wall isn’t going to knock it down – you’ll just end up with a headache and a wall still standing.

“The bend in the road isn’t the end of the road unless you refuse to make the turn.”


(910 words, approx 5-8 mins to read)

A few weeks back, when the snow and ice in Liverpool was pretty much at its worst, I took to the road on my mountain bike, suitably prepared and wrapped up warm, in order to get to a client meeting.

Odd, you might think, but remember that a significant fraction of the nation seem to have forgotten the ‘can do’ spirit of previous generations and decided not to venture off the couch to seek alternative ways of getting around, particularly to work.

I wasn’t going to let a client down, so Read More »


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