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Snow Globes

Nov 11, 2010   //   by Steve Wooding   //   A Slice of Lemon, Articles  //  No Comments

IN SHORT: Sometimes the only way to manage chaos and find clarity is to stop trying to manage the chaos and let clarity find you.

[932 words, approx 5-8 minutes to read]

Some of the following tale is true, some is fiction, but could be true.
None is intended to deceive, all is food for thought.

Most of us have seen a snow-globe at some point. Some of you might even have one or two at home. There are even a few people who collect them – perhaps you know one of them..? Read More »

2010: the Year of Health & Wellbeing

Jan 21, 2010   //   by Steve Wooding   //   General  //  1 Comment

Many of you already know that 2010 is the official ‘Year of Health and Wellbeing’ in Liverpool, with businesses, organisations and individuals taking extra steps to help their employees, contacts, customers and clients and themselves make sure they get to Christmas 2010 in better shape than they started.

And I want to do my bit too. So here’s how I’m going to start the ball rolling! Read More »

Pebbles (podcast)

Jan 7, 2010   //   by Steve Wooding   //   Audio, Podcast  //  1 Comment

This isn’t that new a tale – I first used it as part of a series of ‘Creating Calm’ stress-management sessions a few years back.

As always with metaphorical tales, it’s about whatever you take from it… enjoy! Read More »

Relaxation Affects Your Genes..!

Aug 28, 2009   //   by Steve Wooding   //   Food For Thought  //  No Comments

Just found this article about a research study from Harvard that shows how relaxation techniques such as meditation can affect your body at a genetic level, enhancing your ability to stay well, fight disease, handle stress and even in some cases fight cancer and improve fertility.

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